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PRESIDENT’S REPORT ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF AIPA, 28 NOVEMBER 2017 There is no doubt that fifteen months that have passed since the last Annual General Meeting in August 2016, was the period of particularly intensive work for our Institute. Perhaps its intensity had a lot to do with the breadth of activities undertaken by AIPA […]

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AIPA 25th Anniversary in Melbourne

The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA) has celebrated its 25th anniversary. On 1 February, over 80 guests gathered at the premises of Sandringham Yacht Club, to mark this important occasion. Among the guests were the Ambassador of Poland to Australia, Paweł Milewski and the CEO of Melbourne Cinematheque, Michael Koller, both of whom spoke during […]

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20th Anniversary of AIPA Booklet

The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2011. From the very beginning the Institute formed a new modern Polish-Australian lobby focusing above all on publicising in Australia the spectacular achievements of Polish post-communist transformation. To celebrate the two decades of its existence AIPA published the special commemorating booklet. You may download […]

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Confusions about Multiculturalism

Australian multiculturalism—a policy strategy aimed at facilitating effective social integration of non-British immigrants and managing cultural diversity—was devised in the 1950s and 60s, and adopted as government policy in the 1970s. As a number of recent publications in the European and Australian media suggest, this multicultural strategy has been misunderstood and confused with ethnic pluralism and assimilationist ‘melting pot’ approaches. These confusions, particularly widespread in Europe, mar public debates about multiculturalism. This is hardly surprising considering the scarcity of public clarifications of what multiculturalism is, the strong political backlash against uncontrolled migrations, and the paucity of informed debate about long term strategies of migrant settlement and adaptation. The paper outlines the principles of Australian multiculturalism, identifies its theoretical foundations, and highlights some of the popular confusions about its meaning, objectives and effectiveness.

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Emigrants and their homeland. Polish-Australian society in the midst of change. Emigracja i Kraj. Polonia Australijska w Procesie Przemian

15-16/11/2012 Warsaw: Jan Pakulski gave a lecture at a sociology conference organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). The theme of the conference was ‘The social and cultural consequences of Polish migration’ (‘Społeczne i kulturowe skutki migracji z Polski’), the title of Prof. Pakulski’s paper being ‘Emigrants and their homeland. Polish-Australian society in the […]

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